Monday, November 17, 2014

A Turn (and Radnor Lake)

I almost started another blog last week.  It was to serve as a log of non-food thoughts and photos for myself and perhaps an interested passer-by.  But then I thought more about the option of combining these things into this one site.  It feels potentially cluttered.  Maybe most folks would prefer only to see a post about a great muffin, not read about my recent thoughts on gardening or see a picture of my husband making a goofy face.  But then I remember that this little space is my own and that I most certainly can develop it into whatever I would like.

So, I'm taking a little turn.  Here's what will be different about this site from now on: 1) I don't want to write so much about food.  Reading back, I don't know how I thought of so many things to say about one cookie or salad.  A bit much, no?  Expect to see more recipes, plain and simple.  2) Photos.  I love taking pictures.  It is one of my most beloved pastimes.  You can also expect to see more of these--the day-to-day.  3) Words.  Occasionally there are times when I think things and really want to write them down.  And then I feel this bit of urging inside me to share those things.  So, you may also come across a post here and there of miscellaneous musings.  Pardon them as they will likely be scattered and circuitous.

Finally, I am admittedly flaky.  I'm learning and dislike this about myself.  I'm much better at the dreaming up than I am the follow-through.  But I'm also learning that life is a process of growth. Writing and cooking and photography are each particular ways through which I feel a bit more alive.  So I'm inclined to press more into them.  Even though there is the chance I will be inconsistent here, I'm realizing, again, that is no reason not to proceed.  So, bear with me as I keep trying at this.  Maybe you can celebrate with me when I post more than once a month?  Bottom-line:  I don't live to impress man.  So, this truly can be whatever it comes out to be.  And that will be perfectly fine.  :)

And, to start?  A few shots from a chilly walk at Radnor last week.  I love, love a good cold day.  I need something to wake up this drowsy brain!

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  1. Hooray! I can't wait for more! Even if it's inconsistent and even if it's about a cookie or a salad. Love you.