Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Days

    I haven't posted in a bit. Days seem to be whirring by and time set aside for fun, creative meals along with them. Between house/dog/child-sitting, work, and, well, life, I suppose, I just haven't spent much time in the kitchen over these last few weeks. My mom and older sister are in town now and I'm lapping up every minute I have with them and my younger sis in the house, sharing food, laughs, play time with puppy (who caught a bunny in the backyard yesterday. i don't wanna talk about it.), sleepy late mornings, and the like. It's so happy.  
    Mom and I stopped by the farmers' market yesterday to browse the selection and hopefully find some produce for our next few meals at home. Last night we made a whole wheat pesto pasta with asparagus and tomatoes from the market. And, as I type this morning we're prepping some batter for whole grain peach pancakes. I'm stoked. For now I'm stepping away from the screen to enjoy these sweet moments with my girls, but I'll be back before too long to share some more food love. 

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