Monday, April 04, 2011

Loving Spring...

       The past few days have been mostly crammed with work and little time to cook. I did make one attempt at some cupcakes that were, to me, depressingly dry and dense, though I sent them on to coworkers anyway (no need to waste perfectly good butter and chocolate). Oh, and I, also, in a vain attempt to consume some much-needed iron, burnt a pricey filet last night and ended up feeding it to the dog and, instead, having a salad and far too much chocolate. Sigh. I'm a disaster. Anyhow, I'm back to work, again, for a couple more nights and thought that, since I'm not quite ready with another recipe to share, I would show you what's been blooming by my side door! It's a perennial aptly named "Bleeding Heart." Isn't it so cool-looking? I planted it last spring, but this year it's back with so many more dainty flowers. They're so cute. Spring is here and I'm so happy it is. I feel like all of Nashville has breathed a collective sigh of relief the last couple weeks and is spending every free minute outdoors. It's a wonderful thing.
       I really do intend for this little online space to be strictly for food (I need some structure or I'd be sharing everything, and no one wants that.), but sometimes I just can't help but share a shot of pup (who's now 51 pounds and ever-so-lovey) or something else too pretty not to. So, here's one pretty post, I suppose. Happy spring! A post on monster cookies to come...a cliffhanger, I know...:)


  1. 1. the bleeding hearts are freakin' GORGEOUS and you've got me wishin' I had some in my yard
    2. I vant to see zee pup
    3. I want you're baking/cooking at this very moment. so hungrrryyyy.

  2. ps. found this. thought you'd love it..

  3. FYI- I like the non-cooking stuff. You should write more everyday "stuff". Because yes, Puppies and bleeding hearts are important too!!